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January 30 2020 to January 30 2020

Sustain Summit to discuss sustaining open source

February 01 2020 to February 02 2020

Fosdem 2020 to hear about the best open source has to offer

February 27 2020 to February 27 2020

MEGAComm to speak about Automating and testing documentation

March 11 2020 to March 22 2020

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What to Expect in Open-Source Software in the Next 6-12 Months?

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to gaze into the crystal command line and see what 2020 might hold.

Revisiting Desktop Linux- Drowning in the Deep End

Embark on the start of a new journey in Linux with our shiny new Dell XPS 13”. Let’s get started.

IOST — The Decentralized Internet of Services

An interview with Terry Wang, co-founder and CEO, Ling from White Matrix who built a web-based IDE for IOST, and Aleksi of Attic labs who build games.

I appreciate that not everyone who writes documentation is a native English speaker, or even if they are, may not understand the best way to write clearly and concisely. Many native English speakers had our last grammar lesson more than 20 years ago, and have learnt the tips and tricks we now use as professional writers recently. There are three important things to remember to justify the time and effort of making your writing more understandable:

What’s one of the first things you look at when you look at using a new project?

Latest podcasts

The Tactigon, academic scandal, and gaming colonialism

In this episode I speak with the makers of the Tactigon wearable gesture controller, look at scandal in Oxford, DLC in D&D, decolonialising gaming, and much more.

Responsible AI with Shlomi Hod, the wierd web and fax on the beach

This episode I speak with Shlomi Hod about responsible AI, look at the worst D&D monster of all, hello world in assembly, and more.

Kin Lane the API evangelist, Linux revisited, and the lost story of Wolfenstein

In this episode I speak with the infamous Kin Lane, the API evangelist, now working with Postman. I also cover my new experiences with the Linux desktop, how “the rise of skywalker” has visions of our dystopian future, and more!

WTD Episode 26 - Tech Writing and Reddit, with Alan Bowman

In episode 26, we talk with Alan Bowman about the technical writing forum on Reddit as well as the WTD Slack channel, comparing and contrasting the two spaces. Topics covered include pros and cons of anonymity on the internet, transparency around sensitive or taboo topics (e.g., salary, masters programs, feelings of overwhelm), age/experience demographics for both communities, balancing honesty with professionalism, responding to posts from overwhelmed tech writers, dealing with recurring topics, strategies for participating, and more.

5GTechritory, Y2K, BitTorrent, Monopoly, and future gazing

In this episode I speak with Laszlo Toth, Nikolai Astrup, and Dr. Suncheol Gweon from the recent 5GTechritory about the current state, and future promise of 5G. Also in this episode, the Y2K panic, incentivising BitTorrent, Monopoly, tech sexism, and so much more.

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Latest ethics posts


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Summary: How ethically mature are your user-research practices? Assess your current state of ethical maturity by answering these simple questions. Many organizations have flourishing design teams who conduct user research on a regular basis.
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Jesse Aguirre’s workday at Slack starts with a standard engineering meeting—programmers call them “standups”—where he and his co-workers plan the day’s agenda. Around the circle stand graduates from Silicon Valley’s top companies and the nation’s top universities.
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Facial recognition technology has progressed to point where it now interprets emotions in facial expressions. This type of analysis is increasingly used in daily life. For example, companies can use facial recognition software to help with hiring decisions.
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On Monday, at the opening of one of the world’s largest gatherings of AI researchers, Celeste Kidd addressed thousands of attendees in a room nearly twice the size of a football field. She was not pulling her punches.
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It seems like only yesterday. There we were, waddling about the halls of CES and other fine tech conferences. And there they were, women in bikinis enticing us to buy, sometimes by dancing.
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Latest language posts


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Write Better Stories with this Python Tool

from Towards Data Science
If you write articles, blog posts or reports to your boss a lot, then you want to make sure people are understanding what you say. In this article, I’ll show how to use a Python library called textstat to determine readability, complexity, grade level and more about your text.
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For most people, a stray comma isn’t the end of the world. But in some cases, the exact placement of a punctuation mark can cost huge sums of money.
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It’s a curious thing when there is an idiom—structured roughly the same way and meaning essentially the same thing—that exists in a large number of languages. It’s even more curious when that idiom, having emerged in dozens of different languages, is actually … about language.
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Hungarian kids know, do you? English grammar, beloved by sticklers, is also feared by non-native speakers. Many of its idiosyncrasies can turn into traps even for the most confident users.
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AI and brain-scanning technology could soon make it possible to reliably detect when people are lying. But do we really want to know? By We learn to lie as children, between the ages of two and five. By adulthood, we are prolific.
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Latest blockchain posts


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Ethereum and Solidity were released in 2015. Compared to the decades long history of software development, smart contracts has a much shorter history. Developers going into the space for the first time are entering uncharted territory.
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If you’ve been following the development of Embark you’re probably aware that we regularly put out alpha and beta releases for upcoming major or feature versions of Embark.
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We have three different components to help you solve all your smart contract needs. Each one builds on top of the previous one. Our contracts library is our cornerstone product, a secure foundation for your solidity needs.
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Decentralized finance, also referred to as “DeFi” or open finance, aims to recreate traditional financial systems (such as lending, borrowing, derivatives, and exchange) with automation in place of middlemen.
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2020 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for Ethereum 2 with the expected launch of the first phase, known as the beacon chain, accelerated work on additional phases, and growth of the supporting ecosystem.
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