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  • August 23 2019 to August 25 2019

    ETHBerlin Creating the knowledge base for Ethberlin

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    Startup night to speak about your ideas and projects

  • September 14 2019 to September 17 2019

    Write the Docs EU handling social media and writing day at Write The Docs Prague 2019

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    DevCon to deliver a workshop about Getting started with Solidity development

Latest posts

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Bosque- Microsoft’s New Programming Language

Check out this great introduction to Microsoft’s open-source Bosque language as well as hear from its creator.

Netlify Dev- Test the Netlify Hosting Platform Locally

A DZone Zone Leader shares a podcast where he interviews the founder of Netlify and then shows how to use this platform on you local machine.

Pengwin- Linux Optimized for the Windows Subsystem

Here’s a walkthrough of Pengwin, a custom Linux distro built specifically with Windows in mind.

Start with writing a System Description Document. The Development Plan and Preliminary Audit are optional components but quite valuable for new development teams.

Revolutionizing Health Data With Arkhn

A discussion of what the team at Arkhn is doing with health data and the impact they hope it will have.

Latest podcasts

Putting Blockchain in hotel rooms with Réda Berrehili of the Ki Foundation

In this episode I speak with Réda Berrehili of the Ki Foundation about their plans to put blockchain-powered assistants into hotel rooms. I also cover the Linux desktop wars are over, the Nintendo power glove, and those pesky under water cables giving us all the internet we need (most of the time).

Quantum Jerks - Brilliant Puppies, Pompeii, and what's so good about Medium?

In this Weekly Squeak I cover Quantum computing, removing brilliant jerks, the problems with Medium, the problems with office perks, arguments over Pompeii and more!

WTD Episode 22 - Managing multiple doc projects across Git repositories, with Giles Gaskell

In episode 22, Giles Gaskell from Squiz in Australia joins us to talk about managing multiple doc projects across Git repositories through Antora. Giles explains how to establish processes such that updating documentation becomes part of the definition of done, how to manage build process across multiple Gitlab repositories, strategies for distributing doc work across engineers through templates, how to scale workloads when you’re the lone technical writer in the company, times when dogfooding your own product for docs makes sense and when it does not, pros and cons of Asciidoc versus Markdown, and more docs-as-code topics.

Apache Spark with Jean Georges Perrin, Twine, Alexa and the NHS

In this episode I speak with Jean Georges Perrin about his forthcoming book “Spark in Action”, where we cover Apache Spark, writing books, and why many are wrong about IBM. I also cover Twine, Open Source and Alexa and the UK’s health service.

IOST Blockchain, downplaying air travel, computer sound design and JPEG joy

In this episode I speak with some of the team behind the IOST Blockchain project, cover recent Zoom woes, wonder if air travel is all that’s it’s hyped to be, dig into JPEGs, and so much more!

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Latest ethics posts


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The accusations figure in court documents in an age-discrimination case that IBM is facing, brought by Jonathan Langley, a former world program director and sales lead for IBM Bluemix, who filed a lawsuit last year after being laid off in 2017 when he was aged 59 years.  
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Tech companies are known for their generous employee perks: free snacks, nap pods, the now-obligatory office ping-pong table.
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How a small group of right-wing tech employees built a back channel straight to the nation’s capital. On Jan. 16, Republican lawmakers turned on one of the world’s biggest tech companies.
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The $47 billion Australian software company, which was founded in Sydney in 2002 and floated on the US stock market in 2015, says two-thirds of every performance review will now have nothing to do with job skills.
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It was a beautiful winter day in San Francisco, and Zoe was grooving to the soundtrack of the roller-skating musical Xanadu as she rode an e-scooter to work.
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Latest language posts


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The annual Interactive Fiction Competition is an institution that has endured for almost 20 years, with the goal of discovering each year’s best and brightest works in the world of text-based gaming.
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Writers in business contexts often appear clueless when using ampersands, and they frequently get ampersand usage wrong.  I see it every day in my commercial copy editing work. But &  and and have distinct functions, meanings, and uses.
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Perhaps the most surprising thing about “GamerGate,” the culture war that continues to rage within the world of video games, is the game that touched it off.
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Voice assistants are a part of everyday life, and they’re here to stay. Juniper Research recently released a report predicting that by 2023 there will be 8 billion digital voice assistants in use, tripling the estimated 2.5 billion voice assistants in use at the end of 2018.
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Smart speakers, those voice-activated devices that allow you to check the weather, play podcasts or order food delivery, are becoming more and more common in our homes.
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Latest blockchain posts


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Privacy-focused web browser Brave has seen a 1,200 percent increase in verified publishers using its Brave Rewards program since July last year. This includes sites like the Washington Post, LadBible and, of course, Decrypt.
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I recently re-read Eric Raymond’s classic 1997 essay on open source development, “The Cathedral and the Bazaar.” It’s a compelling look at what happens when you allow a broad group of “all-comers” to participate in the development of a software project.
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People — and by people I mean non-journalists here, normals — have some pretty wild misconceptions about how reporters and editors do their work.
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So you’ve spent twelve hours drafting, editing and refining your Earth-shattering press release. It’s big news: your Quorum-powered non-custodial BSV wallet has just passed muster with a top Chechnyan regulator. Wen moon? Soon, for sure.
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Today, as part of Crypto Week 2019, we are excited to announce Cloudflare's Ethereum Gateway, where you can interact with the Ethereum network without installing any additional software on your computer. This is another tool in Cloudflare’s Distributed Web Gateway tool set.
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