Chris Ward

I am Chris Ward (aka Chris Chinchilla). I am a technical writer, blogger, artist, video/audio maker and presenter who loves to explain cool tech to the World.

After 15 years as a developer I realized that my skills lie in helping others understand technical subjects. I achieve this through technical writing, blogging, networking and educating people through presentations and workshops.

I have crazy projects in progress and will speak to anyone who listens.

Below you can find my latest writing and appearances or contact me through a multitude of networks.

Why do you call yourself Chris Chinchilla? Yes it does sound silly doesn't it! It's a nickname I've had since 1997 after a passing comment at school, I've carried it through all my fanzine and music years and like it. For those who are interested, a Chinchilla is a small (and cute) South American rodent, a Small Town in Queensland, Australia and is a real name in South America.

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  • Blockwatch - The 9984 Summit
    On 13 Oct 2017, Chris wrote

    Blockwatch - The 9984 Summit

    for dzone

    Further consolidating Berlin as the Blockchain capital of the World, last week the 9984 Summit rolled into town, bringing together hackers, lawyers, academics and business people interested in Blockchain. With a handful of big names in the community littering the schedule, it was an interesting two days, showing the variety of ideas and personalities in this wide and wonderful community. Here were my stand out talks and topics.

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  • WTD Episode 10 - What's going on in our lives as documentarians and product owners
    In this episode, we talk about what’s going on in our lives as documentarians and product owners.

    Looking for more?

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  • A Guide to Ubuntu Core and Snaps
    On 03 Oct 2017, Chris wrote

    A Guide to Ubuntu Core and Snaps

    for dzone

    Despite being a Mac user for nearly 20 years, I have always had a soft spot for Ubuntu. Whilst they have not always been successful, I have respected their attempts to pull Linux into the mainstream and try new ideas and paradigms with it. They have weathered the storm of Ubuntu phone and Unity and are meeting success with two newer projects, The lean Ubuntu Core, and their universal Linux packaging format, snaps. I spoke with Dustin Kirkland, VP of product development and Jamie Bennett, VP of Devices and IoT Engineering at Canonical to understand more the strategy behind the projects.

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  • Thierry Carrez on the Release of OpenStack Pike
    On 02 Oct 2017, Chris wrote

    Thierry Carrez on the Release of OpenStack Pike

    for dzone

    I spoke with Thierry Carrez, Release Manager for the OpenStack project about how he coordinates a large number of contributors to the project, balancing diverse commercial and cultural differences whilst still maintaining a regular release cycle. We spoke in the week of the latest release, Pike.

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  • Node logging best practices and tips
    On 28 Sep 2017, Chris wrote

    Node logging best practices and tips

    for coralogix

    As is traditional with the JavaScript world, there are a dizzying amount of options for node logging. In this article, I will dig into some of the better and lesser known options to see what’s on offer and help you log better in your Node applications.

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