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I'm pretty happy with my Chinchilla mascot(s) and hope that you like it too. The various designs across the site are available from Red Bubble as stickers, phone cases, note books and a whole lot more. Click through to see all that's on offer.

Global Bowie Chinchilla

Created as a tribute to Bowie and digital nomads. Enjoy this globe straddling, glam rock Chinchilla.

I'm Not Lazy, I'm Self-Employed

Saying it how it is! For all my self-employed family, friends and associates. And those who support them 😝.

Meetup Chinchilla

Created as for my article on Meetup etiquette, this Chinchilla is wearing a name badge, so please say hello.

Social Technology

I created this for a test run of promotional stickers. A plain chinchilla face with the company logo.

Vanilla Chinchilla

The original. The best?

Happy Chinchilla

Created for use in some of my presentations, this Chinchilla is smiling… Honestly!

It Depends

Got a question for a developer? You already know the answer! Now you just need to check this design instead of wasting your time asking.

Trump Chinchilla

Who knows what Trump is going to be like as the president of America, but in the meantime, cheer yourself up with this cute chinchilla resplendent in a recognisable hairpiece.

Christmas Chinchilla

This time of year isn’t for everyone, so for those who find it harder to cope with, here’s a Chinchilla with festive ‘cheer’ just for them.