Louis Elliot

Louis Eliot started his love affair with music at an early age, his influences spanning from the Wild Cornish countryside to the bohemia of Ladbroke grove with pretty much everything you could think of in-between.

His career started in the early 90’s with ‘Kinky Machine’, who’s two albums achieved a reasonable degree of success before (Ironically) the band were overtaken by the likes of the very bands who’d supported them in the past, coupled with problems from their new label MCA, the core of the band re-invented themselves as ‘Rialto’. Officially forming in 1997 the new line-up finally released their debut album in 1998, which, despite a constant string of bad luck with record labels, sold 250,000 copies and featured several hit singles. Although seemingly disappearing of the face of the planet since 2000 the band actually released a second album (Night on Earth - Eagle Records) last year. So with Rialto not officially having split and it looking likely that they may yet release another album within a few years what exactly has their front man been up to?

Over the past 18 months he’s been pursuing a successful solo career, primarily as a man-and-his-acoustic, but also occasionally with a full band. His debut solo album is now ready and due to be released in January next year, this follows an excellent EP (Everybody Loves you when you’re Dead - Iodine Records) and many high-profile media appearances, support slots and live dates. You’ll be pleased to know that Louis still retains his senses of melody and lyrical wit that have accompanied him throughout his career, in fact working as a solo artist shows his talents more-so. His voice is still clear, strong and distinctive, his songs catchy with the same sense of bravado and ‘cinematics’ that Rialto possessed but stripped down bare to a voice and a guitar. In short Louis is still doing what he does best, and doing it well, he’s playing regularly and with an album out very soon new and old fans alike should take a look at what he’s up to.