It's official, after 7 years in Melbourne I'm leaving.

My Wife, myself and our 17 year old Cat are off to Leipzig, Germany in the first week of July. It's been a great few years but for various push and pull reasons, it feels like time to move on and explore new ventures and avenues. Some of these include...

I am fully aware that I have been living in Australia during one of it's more progressive periods, whatever our opinions of the last Labour government they had slightly better (which is sad itself) ethics than the Liberal governments they were sandwiched between. I guess the realisation that politically and generally (outside of the bubbles I exist in) Australia is a very conservative country, perhaps more conservative than the one I left behind. Government reflects it's population and vice versa and I am involved enough in the world around me to find that somewhat depressing. Many have said it's time to stay and fight, but after many years of doing that, to be honest, I feel like walking away and putting my efforts into other activities.

On the flip side, I feel that mainland Europe (which is miss greatly) shows some green shoots. I may be wrong, I may stay a few years and feel just as frustrated, that's a fact of living a life that is involved in the world around you. Who knows and that remains to be seen, but it feels like the right time to try somewhere new and I have no reason not to, so why the hell not.

I have also been intending to take some time off to work on several projects that I am quite keen about, so have been saving for a while to take some time off and work on them, throwing yourself into a new environment seems a good way to finally knuckle down to those. These projects involve:

  • One work of non-fiction, based upon my 'Lean and Agile non-profit' project, I'm still a little unsure about the viability and interest in this project, so spending some time on it may result in me ending the idea.
  • Two works of fiction based on some ideas I have had floating around for some time.
  • Editing Sitepoint's Mobile channel.
  • Two board game ideas, one of which I am really excited about.
  • Various bits of coding goodness, polishing up a few of my contributions to the communities I work with.
  • Educating myself on a few new programming languages and ideas.
  • The Lean Traveller - This will be a series of blog posts about our travelling as leanly and lightly as possible. Services, tips and ideas that help facilitate that lifestyle. This will start very soon!
  • Green Renters phase 2 - Now we're leaving Melbourne we will be doing something very different and new with Green Renters. i don't really want to announce what that is here before exit's announce to the Green Renters community, but watch this space!
    • Cate also has a bunch of her own awesome ideas, keep an eye on her blog.

I also intend to continue working with a few Australian organisations consulting on tech projects, as is the way of the world these days, it matters less and less where you actually are in the World.

We've both had a great time in the various amounts of years we've spent in Melbourne and have been involved with many communities, cliques, tribes, groups, sub-cultures and projects. We feel we have been in Melbourne in one of it's best periods in history, that we have contributed a small amount to that and have enjoyed meeting so many of you.

We hope you will come and celebrate with us and are throwing a party, you are all invited, RSVP here.

We'll be back for visits and look forward to catching up with you in our remaining time here, somewhere else in the World or online.