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Measuring Metrics in Open-Source Projects

As open-source projects grow in use and popularity, many of their maintainers face a challenge to understand how and how many people use their tools.

OpenStack Ussuri - Intelligent Automation

OpenStack has a new release and it’s big. Let’s take a look at what Ussuri, the 21st release, has to offer.

GitHub Satellite 2020- Gone Remote, but Not Forgotten

Another remote event for 2020, but GitHub Satellite still managed to pack some impressive feature announcements, and a good dose of humor in these trying times.

Grafana- The Open Observability Platform

Chris speaks with Raj Dutt, CEO, and co-founder of Grafana Labs, the company behind the Grafana open source project to find out more about the project and their plans.

How to get started with Parent-child pipelines

We introduced improvements to pipelines to help scale applications and their repo structures more effectively. Here’s how they work.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)- Enterprise-Ready

Canonical announced the latest Ubuntu release, and as an LTS, it’s not packed with new features, but brings many usability, stability, and performance improvements to suit individuals and enterprises alike.

The Benefits of Containerization

Breaking applications into smaller coupled components like microservices, and running each of those components in containers often go hand in hand. These modern application architecture principles have allowed many businesses and software projects to make regular and rapid changes to running software and scale them to suit changes in demand and approach. In this article, we breakdown what a container is, and the direct benefits they bring to your developer teams and business.

Cybersecurity During a Pandemic- An Interview With Critical Start

Chris speaks with Quentin Rhoads-Herrera of CRITICALSTART to discuss cybersecurity in a time of a pandemic.

Learning to Code With Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds from Apple is a slick integrated coding education tool — how far does go it to teach one of the hottest languages of the past 5 years?

How Hedera Hashgraph Is Revolutionizing Distributed Ledgers

Many distributed ledgers claim to be better for performance and security. Chris Ward speaks with Hashgraph creator, Dr Leemon Baird, to see if the project holds up.

6 Interesting Trends from the Latest CNCF Survey

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) conducted another survey late last year and the results are now out. Here’s what’s popular in cloud native development.

Troubleshoot delays with our Code Review Analytics tool

Introduced in GitLab 12.7, Code Review Analytics can help you dig deeper into slow-moving merge requests.

Make tracking agreements simple with our new Compliance Dashboard

New in GitLab 12.8, this dashboard helps to simplify the complex process of compliance tracking, right inside GitLab.

The Future of Tech Conferences in the Wake of Coronavirus

In the wake of coronavirus — What will this mean for the future of tech conferences when the world goes back to normal?

Preaching the API Gospel- An Interview With the API Evangelist, Kin Lane of...

See what API Evangelist, Kin Lane of Postman, has to say about the future of APIs as we continue into 2020.

Talking Uber-Level Monitoring With Martin Mao of M3 and Chronosphere

Find out why Uber engineers decided to leave Uber and focus on building Chronosphere, the company that enables enterprises to take advantage of M3.

Automate Task Creation With the TODO Bot

Do you litter your code with “TODO” keywords so you’ll remember to come back to them? With this handy GitHub bot, you’ll never have to remember again. Maybe.

Introducing StarlingX 3.0 For Edge Computing and IoT

Take a look at how StarlingX as an edge computing platform provides support for multiple low-latency use cases as well as a number of useful features.

Kong API Platform for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Organizations

Kong has evolved significantly from an open-source API gateway, handling just north-south traffic, to a full cycle API management platform.

CES 2020 — Highlights for the More Technically Minded

Chris Ward is here (a week late) reporting on his favorite announcements from the Consumer electronics show.

What to Expect in Open-Source Software in the Next 6-12 Months?

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to gaze into the crystal command line and see what 2020 might hold.

Revisiting Desktop Linux- Drowning in the Deep End

Embark on the start of a new journey in Linux with our shiny new Dell XPS 13”. Let’s get started.

IOST — The Decentralized Internet of Services

An interview with Terry Wang, co-founder and CEO, Ling from White Matrix who built a web-based IDE for IOST, and Aleksi of Attic labs who build games.

Multipass and MicroK8s- the Quickest Route to Ubuntu and Kubernetes?

Would your Kubernetes-based workflows run better on Multipass and MicroK8s?

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