True Anonymity, Privacy, and SNApps With Simon Harman of Loki

Need to improve privacy and anonymity?

Developer Relations and Tech Evangelism With Rachel Black of Lisk

Chris speaks with Lisk’s new tech evangelist to find out what the developer experience focussed blockchain project has been up to since summer 2018.

Embleema- The Blockchain That Lets You Own Your Health Data

Healthcare generates a lot of data, but most of it isn’t available to those generating the data: patients. Learn how one team is using blockchain to address this issue.

OpenStack Summit Berlin 2018- Running Your Cloud

The latest cloud and DevOps news from Berlin.

A Year in Review - BlockchainOps Entrepreneur

What technologies were the most significant in 2018, and which will go to 2019.

Thoughtworks Technology Radar 19 — Cloud, Chaos, and Cross-Platform

Zone Leader Chris Ward discusses Thoughtworks technology trends and predictions.

5G and Alibaba Cloud With Tony Cheng

Let’s take a look at Alibaba Cloud and their plans for growth in European markets and push towards 5G.

What Is Continuous Integration?

Learn the specific goals of continuous integration, as well as delivery and deployment, relevant tools, and how to ensure quality.

Our 5G Futures at 5GTechritory

Click here to learn more on how 5G is changing the future of connectivity and mobile communication around the globe.

Can Blockchain Solve The Problem of Blood Diamonds?

Blockchain has the potential to solve the problem of blood diamonds through a diamond supply chain platform.

Tim Berners-Lee Has a Plan to Save The World Wide Web He Invented

The inventor of the World Wide Web doesn’t like what he’s seen it becoming, and has proposed a contract that involves a number of parties.

Blockwatch- The aeternity Blockchain

For those who want to see an application of the still newly-emergent Blockchain technology, check out this review of the aeternity project.

How AI Is Challenging Traditional Translators

Let’s take a look at how Artificial Intelligence is changing traditional translators as well as explore how ML brings new opportunities for translation services.

Secure Yourself for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Check out this post to make sure you are practicing strong security habits.

GitHub Universe 2018 - Enterprise, Enterprise, Enterprise

A DZone Zone Leader heads to GitHub Universe and notes the heavy emphasis on enterprise from the speakers in the keynote address.

Best Tools for Debugging Distributed Applications

Take a look at some of the best tools and methods for getting your distributed applications debugged and back in business.

Creating a Smart Home With Conrad Connect

Want to learn more about creating a smart home with Conrad Connect? Check out this review on using the Conrad Connect to see if you can use it for your next IoT project.

IFAlicious- Europe's Consumer Tech Fair Trends

Want to hear what you missed at this yer’s IFA event? Check out this post to learn more about Europe’s consumer tech fair trends.

What Apple's September Announcements Might Mean for Developers

While Apple announcements are exciting, they’re more often user focused than dev focused. Still, we’ll do our best to peel back that lid and find out what this means for developers.

Building Chatbots in React With Botonic

Learn how to use the open source and popular React.js framework to create your own chatbot for that app you’re developing.

Afrolynk- African Tech and Entrepreneurship

Take a look at this developer’s reflection on African involvement in technology and the challenges that African entrepreneurs and technologists face.

eyeo, Adblocker plus and the future of funding

Since content has been created, companies have been attempting to monetize it. Read about this new way that one ad blocking companie is making money.

Blockwatch- Ripple, Coil, Codius, and Malta Summit

In this installment of Blockwatch, check out this latest news on Ripple, Coil, Codius and the Malta Summit. There’s a lot happening in blockchain! Click here for more!

Vale for Spelling, Grammar, Style and Readability Linting

If you’ve wanted a spell checker or autocorrect that simply does more, check out how this tool is bein used to check for tense and syle as well.

What Smart Home IoT Platform Should You Use?

Wondering which IoT devices you need for your home? Check out this guide of the different types of IoT platforms to connect the devices in your home!

Blockwatch- A Week in Berlin Blockchain

In the past week, Berlin has hosted two high-profile blockchain conferences: DAppCon and the Blockchain Visionaries Summit. Click here for some of the highlights.

Embracing the Chaos of Chaos Engineering

Learn how chaos engineering helps you find seemingly random errors in today’s modern, increasingly complex applications.

How to Market Blockchain With Consensys and Lisk

Check out this post to learn more about working with Consensys and Lisk to improve blockchain marketing for new application paradigms.

Why Programmers Should Play Boardgames

Close the laptop and break out the dice…after you read this post about how board games can help ease your troubled dev mind.

What Is Hybrid Cloud?

You’ve heard the term thrown around a lot lately, but what exactly is a hybrid cloud? We take a look.

Creating Your Own Whimsical Twitter Bot With Tracery

Read this fun article about how to create a Twitter bot with Tracery.

What Is Blockchain?

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Discovering the True Meaning of Innovation with Login Festival

Check out what we can learn about creativity and innovation from some of the more unorthodox talks given at Login Festival.

Fostering Open Source at FOSS Backstage

Zone Leader Chris Ward give a recap on some of the highlights of the FOSS Backstage Conference, on security, cost, empathy, and more.

Computational Knowledge With Stephen Wolfram

For decades Wolfram has created tools to help scientists, mathematicians, and programmers get answers. We speak with Stephen about his work and computational computing.

What Can Software Foundations Bring to Your Project?

Find out the important roles that software foundations play in providing longevity and structural support for open source projects.

Customizing Sublime Text for Writers

Are you using the Sublime Text editor? If so, you may want to rethink this. One man gives his opinion on Sublime and gives several other options you can choose from.

FOSS Backstage – For Everyone in Open Source

FOSS Backstage is a new conference for open source developers and managers. Find out more information about the conference here.

Is Quitting Bad Software as Hard as Becoming Vegan?

Just how far are you willing to go not to use software that you disagree with? Chris Ward takes a look down the rabbit hole.

Ethics for Designers and Developers at The First Berlin Ethical Tech Meetup

Trade your developer hat for your philosopher’s cap and take a look at the ethics of weaponized tech design and engineering.

News from KubeCon and Cloud Native Con 2018

Straight from KubeCon and Cloud Native Con 2018, here are some of the most exciting announcements from Microsoft, Cloud 66, Bitnami, and others.

The Promises, Payoff, and Products of Hybrid Clouds

With more complications than initially expected, public and private cloud infrastructures are quickly giving way to their combination: hybird clouds.

Ready for Bionic Beaver? What's New in Ubuntu 18.04

This week brought the release of the latest version of Ubuntu - 18.04 - so read up on the details about the newest LTS release.

Production-Scale Deep Learning With Skymind

Skymind combines open-source and custom tooling to create two main toolchains that integrate well with other frequently used tools in the data science tool bag.

Will Linux (Finally) Win the Desktop War Because No One Else Cares?

As Apple and Microsoft lose enthusiasm for their desktop operating systems, will it be time for Linux to shine? Or do Linux enthusiasts even care about winning the desktop war anymore?

Tokenize All the Things and What Happens Next?

Communities and entrepreneurs are excitedly creating crypto-tokens for a wide variety of inane and practical purposes. We look at what this could mean for our future.

The International Crypto Community Comes to Berlin

Zone Leader Chris Ward looks forward to upcoming C3 Crypto Conference in Berlin which offers keynotes, workshops, and exhibitions on the cryptocurrency ecosystem and underlying blockchain technology.

Customizing Visual Studio Code for Writing

Are you a technical writer or dev who needs to create documentation around your project? Check out these extensions you can integrate into VS Code that can help.

Do We Need the World's First Emotional Processing Unit? [Audio]

Emoshape has created what they call the first emotional processing unit (EPU) dedicated to understanding and putting a value on human emotions.

What Is DesignOps?

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SXSW Part 2- Fixing Tech, AI, and Startups

In Part 2 of this round on SXSW, Chris looks at what people had to say about machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the problems with tech.

SXSW Part 1- Blockchain and SpaceTech

We hear promises of how blockchain will revolutionize tech, but most of its applications thus far seem rather mundane. Read on to see what devs are doing to change that.

DocFX- The Next Documentation Tool to Consider?

In this post, we take a look at a new version of Markdown, DocFX Flavored Markdown, and how it can be used to create documentation for REST APIs.

An Interview With Brian Gracely on Red Hat's Acquisition of CoreOS...

Chris Ward interviews OpenShift’s product strategy director Brian Gracely about Red Hat’s recent announcement of their acquisition of CoreOS.

See how SwitchBot is attempting to alter the smart home market with a ready-made solution, and how their approach is working.

Mobile World Congress 2018 - Consolidation and Collaboration

Read about the most exciting developments from this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, like IoT, Google assistant, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.

An Interview With Brian Gracely on Red Hat's Acquisition of CoreOS...

Chris Ward interviews OpenShift’s product strategy director Brian Gracely about Red Hat’s recent announcement of their acquisition of CoreOS.

AIVA- The Artificial Intelligence Composer

If you are a dev and an artist, you might be interested to know there’s an AI that could help you with your musician’s block.

Lint, Lint and Away! Linters for the English Language

If you’ve used linters before for your code, then you know how useful they can be. This is where grammar meets technology.

Blockwatch- What Is a Decentralized Exchange?

In this article, we tackle this question and take a look at some ‘developer friendly’ platforms that can be used to work with decentralized exchanges.

What Will Red Hat Acquiring CoreOS Mean for the Kubernetes Ecosystem?

Now that Red Hat has CoreOS, how will this affect Kubernetes and the rest of the cloud community?

Optimize Your Cloud Native Infrastructure with Replex.Io [Audio...

I spoke with the three founders of replex.io who aim to help you identify infrastructure inefficiencies at every level of a stack.

The post Managing Large State in Apache Flink®: An Intro to Incremental Checkpointing appeared first on data Artisans.

Container and Serverless Predictions for 2018 With Lucas Carlson [Audio]

Check out this interview with Automic’s Lucas Carlson about 2018 predictions for the container and serverless space, especially Docker.

Create Cross-Platform Voice Applications With Jovo

Jovo aims to create a development framework that allows you to write code once and deliver to multiple voice platforms, taking out a lot of the extra work.

Distributing Operational Knowledge Across a Team

If your company sounds like a sports arena or an echo chamber, chances are there is some room for efficiency improvement. Here are some tools to help.

Apache Flink in 2017 - Year in Review

If you take a look at the resolved issues and enhancements for 2017 on Jira you can see that the community resolved over 1,831 issues and feature additions.

Adding a CMS to Your Static Site With Netlify CMS

If you’re looking for a developer-friendly CMS platform for creating static sites, check out this article on a CMS with a growing community of devs.

Blockwatch- Berlin Blockchain Day Panel [Podcast]

In this 25-minute podcast/panel discussion, four Blockchain luminaries talk about how to bring smart contract ideas to reality.

2017 in review

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I began my round of 2016 with how eventful it was, and 2017 continued to deliver major world events that shook countries, cities and people. Despite this, I had a largely positive year, switching from an employee back to a contractor again, which was a largely positive move. I changed my major outlet from SitePoint to DZone, added a handful of others, wrote a lot of content marketing posts for tech companies, wrote a book and (nearly) finished a video course. On top of all that I travelled to many places, including cities and countries I had never been to before.

Habitat from Chef- Build, Deploy, and Manage Your Cloud Services

Chef recently introduced the Habitat tool, bringing Chef’s advantages to automation and continuous integration. Learn about the suite of tools that make it possible.

An Overview of the Kontena Platform

The big question with any paid service is whether the cost justifies the features. Let’s break down the Kontena SaaS platform so you can decide.

An Interview With CircleCI CTO Rob Zuber [Audio]

CircleCI is becoming the CI tool of choice for developers who want to spend more time coding than managing infrastructure. Listen to Chris Ward speak with the CTO.

Yow! Conferences, for Australian Developers by Developers

Check out this software development conference that’s currently catering to devs in Australia, but is soon expanding to Southeast Asia.

Going Serverless? Compare Your FaaS Options

As serverless’s popularity grows, so have the number of FaaS providers. Let’s break down what’s out there, how they work, and whether they’re right for you.

Creating Augmented Reality and IoT Experiences With Thingworx

Thingworx is a comprehensive SaaS platform for creating AR experiences for Industry 4.0 and IoT-heavy workplaces. Here are some use cases to consider.

Graphcool, the GraphQL Backend Development Framework

GraphQL allows you to query data in the data-heavy age. It’s backed and used by Facebook, but is new and still has tooling gaps. GraphCool aims to solve this.

Blockwatch- Tools for Working With Solidity

In this article, we look at languages, IDEs, Wallets, and several other tools that you’ll need to work with Solidity and blockchain.

Node logging best practices and tips

Ruby is an opinionated language with inbuilt Ruby logging options that will serve the needs of small and basic applications. Whilst there are fewer alternatives to these than say, the JavaScript world, there are a handful, and in this post, I will highlight those that are active (based on age and commit activity) and help you figure out the options for logging your Ruby (and Rails applications).

What Can Musicians and Programmers Learn From Each Other? [Audio]

A DZone Zoner Leader and a fellow developer discuss the similarities between playing music and writing code. Listen in on this awesome conversation!

A Writer's Guide to Conversational Interfaces

Design for people, but write for ears. Get this and more wisdom in this short writer’s guide to creating conversational interfaces that use AI to communicate.

Complex Event Processing with Flink - An Update on the State of Flink CEP

In the snippet above I named the individual patterns as:

Are We All Doomed? Your Role in the Ethics of Tech

Humans have always loved tech. But we’re quite a ways from stone tools, and this new tech raises some interesting ethical conundrums for developers.

How to Program a Robot [Interview]

Anyone interested in getting started with programming robots should check out this interview. Learn what it takes to program a robot.

Managing Your Business Apps With Apperian- An Interview With Mark Lorion...

This interview with Mark Lorion, President and General Manager at Apperian, discusses the company’s offerings for business app management.

GitHub Universe 2017 - Collaboration and Communication

See how GitHub became a leader in version control; learn about the Discovery tab, and how they help you not only code better, but collaborate and communicate.

Blockwatch - The 9984 Summit

Investing in a country, bringing blockchain to the developing world, and making smart contracts easier are just some of the topics covered today.

A Guide to Ubuntu Core and Snaps

Learn about Ubuntu Core’s role in IoT development and how Snaps, as a packaging system, augment Linux, containers, and IoT.

Thierry Carrez on the Release of OpenStack Pike [Podcast]

Listen in on this half-hour podcast interview with OpenStack’s release manager, covering how to manage projects with large numbers of contributors.

Node logging best practices and tips

As is traditional with the JavaScript world, there are a dizzying amount of options for node logging. In this article, I will dig into some of the better and lesser known options to see what’s on offer and help you log better in your Node applications.

Blockwatch- Cryptogovernment and Blockchain Marketing

We take a look at what some countries around the world are doing to promote cryptocurrency, as well as how some innovative companies are using blockchain.

Does GraphQL Reduce the Need for Documentation?

With GraphQL and tools like it, do you still need to manually document anything? Or can you fire your tech writers right away? Let’s check in a real codebase!