Had a great weekend, went to some gigs on Friday night, though one of those nights when you try to do too much and end up doing next to nothing and staying in one place, Cate got very merry, she was a happy drunk... :-)

Saturday we got invited to an ever so fancy party for the Birthday party of a club owner, apparently he'd won Temptation Island or something. it was a white themed party (highlight costumes : Jesus, Polar Bear and Naval Captain) and was full of pretentious people constantly worried about what other people thought of them... We took to the dance floor, enjoyed the free bar and made idiots of ourselves. After that we went to a much more down to earth party where I ate lots of mini pies and met some great people.

Sunday we took a trip round some galleries, I hadn't been home so was still in my suit from the fancy party, which gained me a few odd looks, but I quite enjoyed swanning around art in a suit and an English accent. The galleries were a little uninspiring, a final year of High School show, which contained some good work, but far too much use of Photoshop, and an exhibition at ACCA (Australian Centre of Contemporary Art) which was style over substance and pretty dull, security kept following me round to, because I was getting to close to exhibits... Sunday evening we went to Trivia and came third, ace!

But then my Nan told me about the burning of the Cutty Sark, which made me very sad...

I know it's still suspicious and unproved, but assuming it was vandals, it's an attitude indicative of the reasons I wanted to leave the UK, what is the point?!