How did everything begin, why did you want to get into music in the first place?

To be part of something, it was part of my culture, getting into DJ'ing and remixing, then making records and things develop from there.

What's different between your live sets and DJ sets, and which do you prefer?

I don't have any particular favourites, the ultimate buzz comes from working on a track and it all clicks into place. Everything balances each other out really; complimenting each other and giving you a different perspective on your music, live you get to perform your own songs, DJ'ing you get to test them on a different crowd. Then there's the artwork and visual side of things which is a great chance to work with more visual ideas and maintain an identity throughout your music, and I enjoy doing it all, that process of picking up a record sleeve and looking at who was involved and who did what has always been an intrinsic part of appreciating music to me.

Is there a particular look you go for, or does it depend on the release?

It depends on the release.

How do you about writing and producing your material?

Again, it depends, if it's a collaboration it will vary from your own stuff. With the collaborations you're creating something more specific, with a better idea of what sound you're trying to achieve, whereas with your own material things just develop from nowhere into expressing a feeling or reaction.

When it comes to collaborations, do you pick them or do they pick you?

A bit of both, you meet people and get along and collaboration happens, and other times you're looking for someone to achieve something specific, they generally come from more personal relationships.

Do you get a feeling for a song when you meet somebody?

That tends to be what happens.

Which collaboration do you feel has been the best representation of the collaborator?

That's a tough one to answer, everyone brings something different, there's always classics like 'A rabbit in the Headlightsî, 'Rainî, tracks that have come together in certain way, every record and process has it's own moments and feeling, it's hard to pick out one over another.

Why is it do you think that a lot of 'Dance' Music artists have so many collaborations?

It's like old school song writing, you have a groove that fit's people. It's more instrumental music that doesn't always fit into the traditional 'pop' song arrangement.

Have you been to Australia before?

Yes, lots of times, for DJ'ing, live shows, various things.

Who have you collaborated with here?

Pav from Modular, Ben Lee a few years ago.

Anyone you'd like to collaborate with?

Bumblebeez, midnight Juggernauts, Nick Cave

Published in Arcady