This is The Playwrights first proper release, plagued by bad luck and misfortune, it's been a long time coming and the sense of dissatisfaction and listlessness is evident. Songs like Why We've become invisible, Fear of open spaces, Dislocated and Where the stress falls are full of lyrics brimming with frustration of provincial and everyday living, the draw and darkness of big towns. The music is incredibly frantic, complementing the lyrics perfectly, the drums rattle about, somehow holding it all together despite never really settling into any constant beats, the bass pulsates and rumbles just as manically with the two guitarists crashing about, seemingly doing their own thing, producing wonderfully discordant melodies and rhythms that are chaotic, but work. It?ƒÙs taken a while for them to get here, but this album is testament to the fact that it was well worth the effort.

Published in Maps Magazine