From The Answer's opening chords it's immediately obvious why the band are more popular in Australia than their homeland of Ireland, bearing more than a passing resemblance to a certain electrically themed Australian four piece, a member of the crowd even shouts, 'Welcome Home!î Fortunately there's more to the band, they seemingly channel aspects of every major 'Rawk' band from the past four decades, and carry it off it extraordinarily well with a vast show of talent and tunes. The band are on fine form tonight with the crowd firmly in their hands, the singer croons, howls, swings his microphone stand and poses, the guitarist solos with a foot on the monitor and riffs hard, the drummer and the bass player keep it all going with some solid rock. There's a lot of hair, a lot of volume, a lot of ego and a lot of sweat, the perfect ingredients and dare I say it, the perfect answer(!) for any night of fully blown, seat of your pants' Rock.

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