There's something odd in the air tonight, or to be more precise, probably something odd up the nasal passage or in a pill, the atmosphere at Bootleg is intense and disconcerting, we seem to be the only lucid members of the audience and the only people who don't quite seem to understand what's going on. Style over content is my first impression of Teenager, none of the band seem to know what's going on throughout the set as singer 'Nick Littlemore' rides a lengthy ego trip that might make him look cool, but also a bit of a wanker, regularly insulting his brother handling the visual show and frequently refusing to play until certain conditions are met. The band has some good songs held together by a lot of filler, and even the band admits it. A lot of music press are raving about Teenager and whilst they certainly fit slap bang into the middle of what's currently trendy and fashionable, I'm clearly not sufficiently off my head or cool to understand why. Damn arms take to the stage looking like component parts of completely different bands, fey Indie, Garage Rockers and synth player 'Yama Indra' looks a little like he should be in Goldie Looking Chain. Initially plagued by technical problems and disagreements about what songs to play a solid set of electro rock gradually emerges with frantic drumming, screeching vocals and plenty of heavy riffs. Unfortunately whatever it is 'in the air' pervades throughout Damn Arms set and despite some good tunes, the stage show is flat and uninspiring, the band finish their set, no one seems to care a great deal, and normal nightclub activity is resumed.

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