One of the challenges of my new attempt to blog about all the events I attend is that some events are hard to write about there and then on the spot. Networking events being one of them, you can't keep whipping out a notebook/tablet to jot down conversations and, well, you may not find anything you want to write about.

Still, a challenge is a challenge…

Silicon Beach has been running for quite a while and despite a declining audience due to many other similar events now and their decision to cut sponsored bar (see my Fetch post on Meetup etiquette folks!), however they are still running with attendance enviable to most groups and some would say, better quality audiences now.

Who did I meet… Well.

A Telstra project manager who gave me some insights into their recent profit reports…

Some folks from an entrepreneurs and funding marketplace.

An Investment Analyst from Australian Super. This isn't the first time I've met someone from 'old school' financial advice at a startup event, interesting to see the space becoming far more mainstream.

Some folks from Appster a mobile application development company. We talked development techniques and hoping to get someone for a future Melbourne Mobile session.