I have a history of creating and contributing small applications and lines of code to various open source projects, here are some.

  • Medium Exporter for Atom

    Medium Exporter for Atom

    I love Markdown and I love editing Markdown in Atom. But I also love the exposure that Medium offers, and whilst I admit it has a great editor, I like to be able to write offline and I like having a central repository (i.e. Git) of my work for collaboration, consolidation and other purposes.

  • Editors Friend for Atom

    As a (very) frequent writer and editor I often find myself writing and correcting the same words over and over again. Or in preparation for publishing I have to repeatedly undertake the same steps, such as adding short codes or formatting links.

  • Trello Shortcuts for Dash

    Trello Shortcuts for Dash

    I have loved Kapeli's offline documentation browser, Dash for a while now and have been intending to start contributing to it for the best part of 2015.

  • Answers Against Humanity

    Are you looking for smart answers to dumb questions? Then you might enjoy 'Answers Against Humanity', based on that 'award' winning game, Cards Against Humanity.