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I currently take part in three podcasts, find more details and subscription information for each below.

The Weekly Squeak

A weekly round of articles and other items that captured my attention, often with an interview.

Write the Docs

Covering the latest in tech writing, with a guest and discussion topic every episode. Episodes are posted below, and find subscription options here.

Product Hunt award winner Krisp.ai, Ctrl+Alt+Del and HarmonyOS

In this episode I speak with Davit Baghdasaryan of Krisp.ai about their small Windows, macOS and (soon) iOS application that removes background noise from online conversations. Also features news on Huawei’s new OS, the history of Ctrl+Alt+del, moderating hacker news and more.

Putting Blockchain in hotel rooms with Réda Berrehili of the Ki Foundation

In this episode I speak with Réda Berrehili of the Ki Foundation about their plans to put blockchain-powered assistants into hotel rooms. I also cover the Linux desktop wars are over, the Nintendo power glove, and those pesky under water cables giving us all the internet we need (most of the time).

Quantum Jerks - Brilliant Puppies, Pompeii, and what's so good about Medium?

In this Weekly Squeak I cover Quantum computing, removing brilliant jerks, the problems with Medium, the problems with office perks, arguments over Pompeii and more!

WTD Episode 22 - Managing multiple doc projects across Git repositories, with Giles Gaskell

In episode 22, Giles Gaskell from Squiz in Australia joins us to talk about managing multiple doc projects across Git repositories through Antora. Giles explains how to establish processes such that updating documentation becomes part of the definition of done, how to manage build process across multiple Gitlab repositories, strategies for distributing doc work across engineers through templates, how to scale workloads when you’re the lone technical writer in the company, times when dogfooding your own product for docs makes sense and when it does not, pros and cons of Asciidoc versus Markdown, and more docs-as-code topics.

A guide to computing history with Sinclair Target of two-bit history

In this first episode of The Enthusiastic amateur I speak with Sinclair Target of the two-bit history blog telling you some of what you need to know about computing history.

Apache Spark with Jean Georges Perrin, Twine, Alexa and the NHS

In this episode I speak with Jean Georges Perrin about his forthcoming book “Spark in Action”, where we cover Apache Spark, writing books, and why many are wrong about IBM. I also cover Twine, Open Source and Alexa and the UK’s health service.

IOST Blockchain, downplaying air travel, computer sound design and JPEG joy

In this episode I speak with some of the team behind the IOST Blockchain project, cover recent Zoom woes, wonder if air travel is all that’s it’s hyped to be, dig into JPEGs, and so much more!

Marco Palladino of Kong, Sugar, Sobriety and Vegetarian Tech

I speak with Marco Palladino of Kong about their API gateway, microservice mesh and smart docs generation.

The state of mobile networks with OpenSignal

In this episode I speak with Ian Fogg of OpenSignal about our current 4G network, and the future 5G one. Also featured is D&D for product teams, educating on the history of the British Empire, Visual Basic, Project Catalyst, Libra, escaping the smart city and more!

KubeCon - Solo.io, Digital Ocean and Atlassian

In part 2 of interviews from KubeCon, I speak with the following people about developments in the world of Kubernetes:

KubeCon - IBM, Canonical and Rancher

In part 1 of interviews from KubeCon, I speak with the following people about developments in the world of Kubernetes:

Mark Marron of Bosque, Microsoft's new programming language

I speak with Mark Marron of Microsoft about their new language that is simple, obvious, and easy to reason about for both humans and machines.

Matt Billman of Netlify, game playing AI, and Sim City hell

In this episode Chris speaks with Matt Billman of Netlify, creating general game playing AI, browser wars past and present, and more!

A Linux for Windows? Pengwin, Polymaths, Login and Coffee Pods

In this episode Chris speaks with Hayden Barnes about the Pengwin project, an optimised Linux for the Windows Linux Subsystem. Also features articles on Coffee Pods, Polymaths, digital newspapers and more!

Your smart essential dungeon

In this episode Chris covers why the Essential phone isn’t as bad you might have thought, how smart speakers are changing music, new programming languages, and is D&D becoming too mainstream?

The Caffeinated Cthulhu Desktop

In this episode I look at advice on writing weird fiction, the future of Linux, the latest version of Opera, wether Google cloud offers an open source friendly alternative to AWS, and more!

Robocall hyphen king

In this episode Chris covers the trail of the robocall king, programmer’s obsession with efficiency, prisoners training AI, all you wanted to know about hyphenation, and much more.

WTD Episode 21 - On career growth, leadership, and mentoring in tech writing, with Becky Todd

In episode 21, Becky Todd from Atlassian joins us to talk about career growth, leadership, and mentoring. How do you move up to the next level at your company? Does upleveling require a management track, or there other ways to increase your leadership and influence? We also chat about mistakes we’ve made, what we’ve learned, ways to increase our influence and visibility both inside and outside corporate walls, why we sometimes back away from persuasion efforts, the balance between autonomy and micromanagement, mentoring strategies and opportunities, and other career-related topics within technical communication. We also look at the Season of Docs as an opportunity for getting involved in open source projects.

Ranking full stop

for podcast

In this episode I cover old technologies and how to preserve them, the death of Childhood musicians and a little more.


Chris speaks with Jae Kwon of Tendermint about their Byzantine-fault tolerant state machine replication. Or blockchain, for short.

Also in this episode Chris looks at the history of the Ottoman empire, ageing coders, the psychology of Magic the Gathering and more.


In this episode Chris speaks with Alexis of Arkhn about their plans to standardise medical data. Also featured are stories on D&D, the connections between crypto and gambling, the real intentions of Facebook and more.



In this episode I speak with Brian Platz of Fluree, a database that packs Blockchain, GraphQL, change reversion and much more. I also cover my geeky squeaks for the week including cashless society, the number 3 mobile OS, mapping works of ancient history and more.


WTD Episode 20 - Minimum requirements for good tech docs, with Matt Reiner

In episode 20, Matt Reiner from K15t joins us to talk about minimum standards for documentation - what techniques or standards can you put in place to help engineers and other contributors meet the minimum requirement for good tech docs? What essential sections, headings, or topics should you include in templates? And how do you help non-native speakers with grammar issues? We also discuss how tech writers can work with marketing to create honest and interesting writing. There seems to be the feeling that tech writing is dull but accurate and marketing copy is flashy and fluffy - we brainstorm ways technical writers can better align with marketing writers.

In this weekly geeky squeak I look at coworking, robot love, unhackability, CUPS, Docker, the male focussed world, article 13, and more.


In this episode Chris covers links of the week including ancient relics, and toys old and new. Also features an interview with Simon Harman, the project lead at Loki, a decentralised privacy network.