Kids are looking younger, reviewers are feeling older, fake ID's are getting better or a combination of all of the above, but the extremely enthusiastic crowd at The Palace tonight looks exceedingly youthful and full of vim, vigour and exuberance.
The Getaway Plan's guitarist has an uncanny and highly skilled knack of playing his guitar extraordinarily frantically whilst giving the impression that it's stuck to him, his black plank barely moving a millimetre from his body. The band are obviously flavour of the month amongst the kids as for a first on band they have an impressively large and receptive crowd for their contemporary blend of Pop, Rock and 'Metal-lite', arms are in the air, bodies are pulsating and it's not even 9pm.
The Donnas are the odd band out on tonight's bill, the most experienced and proficient band of the night, they describe themselves as stuck in the middle of a (pleasant) 'Man Sandwich'. However they are also completely different musically from the rest of the line up, their American style Pop-Punk-Rock standing starkly aside from The Getaway Plan and Kisschassy, an odd choice of support, they are also the only non-local band and it shows. The crowd like them, but don't love them, enthusiasm wanes and their American sheen and excessively flattering inter song patter jars with a fair few in the crowd, it feels a little forced and possibly even somewhat fake. The sceptical in the crowd are equally matched by the faithful and as the set reaches its close a random pair of knickers finds its way onto the stage, bemusing the band and confusing the crowd as everyone ponders that near impossible process once more.
On the other side of the Melbourne man sandwich comes Kisschassy, and boy do they put on a good show. The lights are in full swing, the band sound and look great, everyone's into the music and emotions are running high. Whether the band would describe themselves or their music as 'Emo' or whatever that cursed word even means is unsure, but we have a room brimming with youthful abandon, everywhere you look lyrics are being mouthed along with, lyrics chock full of connotations from across the emotional spectrum, song after song of angst ridden rock charges these kids full of hormones and adrenalin, kids who feel they or the world around them has issues that are being ignored, a generation sold, sold to, given everything, given nothing, tested, restricted, tossed around and emotionally neglected, this is their music and they show it.

Published in InPress