Putting on gigs in venues that are a little outside of the normal circuit is always a challenge, you pick a good night of the week, get a good line up together and promote the hell out of it unyet attendance is still not what it could and should be. Such is the lot of the Noise Bar tonight, a buzzing and eclectic line up but just because it's that little bit further from Coolsville the 40 or so people here are the only ones privileged and smart enough to realise a good deal when they see one.

Tetrode Kink are dark, big whirling slabs of effect drenched guitars and pounding drums create vast walls of noise behind Nico White's timid but confrontational vocals as he clings to a mic stand. Sometimes his lyrics seem intense and deeply serious whilst other songs appear to be comprised of random crap strung together, all delivered in a delicious deep vocal.

Talk show Boy is frequently too much too handle, his skinny-white-boy-Hip Hop is like watching ten TV stations in rapid succession, or taking rather a lot of speed, or bashing your head against a brick wall, you can only take so much before your head really starts to hurt. At the core of his music and his frantic stage show are some good songs and lyrics struggling to get out, lost in sea of noise and words so rapidly reproduced they're nigh on impossible to discern.

Shark in the Dark are a good slab of old school Australian Rock brought bang up to date. Drums, keys and guitar provide a tight and solid set that brings the lurkers from the front bar into the venue, gets them moving and sends them away with a thirst for beer and a smile on their faces.

Group Seizure are a rare breed, a band with a drum machine that doesn't sound like someone playing a paper bag, their drum machine and its programs has balls aplenty. As do the rest of the band, keyboards, guitars and bass noise flying about the stage and crashing into each other, Pete's vocals slicing through the middle, a big beautiful fuzzy mess.

Kamikaze Trio are soon to be leaving us as one of their members is off on a lengthy Overseas adventure, so the band are fitting in as many gigs as possible over the next few weeks, lets hope that all of their upcoming shows are as brilliant as tonight's. When Kamikaze Trio are having a good night, they are one of the most intense, powerful and awesome bands around. Vocalist Sam's veins literally bulge out of his neck as he spits forth tirades, insults and general rock filth. Andy on drums looks too large for his kit, it verges on the mildly comical but he hits them so hard and with so much vehement you would never say anything. A brilliant end to a brilliant night, where were you?

Published in InPress