IV Thieves last single, Day is a Downer received a fairly muted response from me and after listening to If We Can't Escape My Pretty it was a definite case of too few tracks to properly judge a band, the album is awesome, unrelenting, rock and riffs fill it from start to finish. Three of the Four Thieves take turns on lead vocals which leads to a variable if slightly schizophrenic feel to the album, albeit with a John Lennon-esque delivery at their core. Each vocal seems to be complimented perfectly by the musical backing, this isn't just a random allocation of duties, proceedings have been planned and thought out. It has a retro feel, I stick by my Britpop references and add a probable love of 60's music to the equation, but it's retro beefed up, revved up, brought slap bang into the modern age.


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