One man talking solidly for three hours with no breaks and only taking one drink the entire time is a pretty intense experience for all involved, especially when one of those is Henry Rollins. He stands rigid in one spot, legs arched, tense, constantly looking as if he's about to leap into a fight. He covers topics from war and politics to loving music and sex, never elitist and never patronising. He tries hard to remain down to Earth and on the side of the common man, at times I find this hard to believe, for example he continually mentions his 'Utilitarian hovel' unyet lets slip that it has 3 bathrooms. Also whilst I whole heartedly support his 'Live every day as your last' attitude and his encouragement to seek, accept and grasp all opportunities, he is Henry Rollins and in a lot better place to be offered and act upon opportunities than many. Don't let me paint the show in a bad light however as this is a truly informative and inspiring show full of observations, anecdotes and intelligent witticisms on the state of the world. He is engaging, never wandering even slightly close to boredom and maintains an equal level of passion and energy throughout his entire set. I know little of Henry Rollins career but after discovering such a like minded soul who shares so many similar beliefs and motivations I shall be digging more into his past, present and future, hoping to be further roused and renewed in my own ventures.

Published in Arcady