Noise! Noise! Noise!

'Does it Offend you, yeah?' lively blend of electro Indie rock bombards Billboard and the tightly packed boisterous Wednesday night crowd, not letting up for one minute or allowing a second of breathing space for the crowd or the band.

The live 'Does it offend you, yeah?' experience varies slightly from their recorded output, which is crisp, clear and bouncy with well-defined beats and melodies. Whereas the live show is such a huge solid slab of cacophony that it's often hard to figure out where on earth the multitude of noises overwhelming your ears are being generated from. Not that it matters much, the vast majority of the venue are finding it hard to resist the beats and charisma of the band as shambolic front man, James Rushing leads his better dressed and sharper band through a set of modern alternative anthems interspersed with extraneous swearing and random anecdotes that do nothing to lower his cheeky London (well, actually Reading, but close enough) charm.

The band are infamous for staging memorable live shows and fortunately tonight fails to disappoint with no lack of action on stage either. Deserving special mention is Bass Player Chloe Duveaux, she maybe no larger than her instrument and is a women of few words, but the way she flings herself around her corner stage territory is captivating, her playing solid, consistent and unwavering throughout. 'Does it offend you, yeah?î are a nightmare for venue security, actively encouraging stage invasions and mass audience participation, unimpressed looking security guards have no choice but to stand by and watch as James announces 'I'm off for a fag, so you can sing this one', thus opening the flood gates for approximately a dozen drunk teenagers who think they can sing to take to the stage and over excitably flaunt their 'stuff'. A handful of crowd surfers and attempted stage invasions later, the night draws to a close and the crowd elatedly piles out into the cold night, the onset of tinnitus ringing in their ears.

Published in Inpress