(I wrote a whole long and detailed post, then lost it... So now I'm just going to a brief summary!)

Macaca Mulatta finally recorded their debut album on Sunday, it's only taken me 2 years to get to doing it and then it took us 6 hours to record 9 songs! In a Child Care Centre... See some pictures here.

It was Cup day on Tuesday, everyone gets a bizarre midweek weekend for a horse race, and gets very drunk... Cate and I got up to all sorts of things including a snail race and a BBQ, where a large skinhead shouted some random stuff at our group like "Elvis get your Pelvis out of my left Nostril!", genius...

My Bike got stolen from outside our house, which sucked, but it was also quite funny as the bike as 5th hand and the lock was probably worth more. I got a nice shiny blue racing bike from a local bike co-op for $30 and now it and I go like the clappers!

The infamous Dom from Panic / Pop Art in London is over, so there was a special club night and the a gig which Macaca Mulatta played, so it was a good and boozy weekend, some stupid pictures of us here and here.

Speedy Chinch xxx