Bonnie Prince Billy, William Higham, Palace Music... Is an artist who is something of a cult genius to has fans and admirers, but to outsiders, someone who's appeal has always been hard to fully understand and comprehend, this album has done something to address that opinion. The songs are all fairly similar, a country / folk crossover, sparse, usually just guitar and vocals, occasionally an accompanying percussionist, instrument or vocal. Lyrically Bonnie Prince Billy Is typically fairly downbeat, and if not, then he sings lamenting love songs, even though his delivery promises lyrical brilliance generally his lyrics are fairly uninspiring, non-sensical and whimsical. That said Letting Go is a calming album to listen to, filling you with an inner peace, an album to escape the world to. Bonnie Prince Billy, a genius? No, but this is a fine album.

Published in Maps Magazine