Bit by Bats are a great band, in 'it' for all the right reasons, whilst a vast majority of bands in Melbourne posses some of the most fantastic and expensive equipment but don't do anything with it, Bit by Bats take their average guitars and amps and make some marvellous melodious music with it. No pretension, no fashionable prancing or posturing, just talent, tunes and exuberance. The music ticks all the right boxes to, solid rumbling bass lines and drumming countered with fuzzy guitar lines and Owen's unique fantastic barking vocal delivery, there's even some Theremin thrown in for good measure, even if it's barely audible most of the time. The crowd at Roxanne's are appreciative but not up for dancing, the holiday weekend doesn't seem to have encouraged that many partygoers out and those here are of the fashionable ilk that wouldn't do it anyway. Bit by Bats don't mind though, they're doing it because they love music and love playing their music, everything else is a bonus.

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