You know when you have a job interview and they ask a series of loaded questions that you lie through your teeth whilst answering?

There's one classic that runs along the lines of "How do you cope under pressure?", to which I've generally answered, "I thrive on pressure!"

But the past few weeks I've been so busy I have to be honest and wonder how true that little white lie is.

It's good to be busy and I do like being busy, but my head is so awash with stuff and things that need to be done that I feel I have neglected other elements of my life, like my music, friends, artistic ventures and the like. To the point where I feel like people aren't talking to me or are ignoring me, I hope that's just paranoia. I've been busy with freelance work and then the pursuit of new freelance work which all in all is a very draining process, I'm starting to long for a permanent job!

Don't get me wrong, it's great to be in demand but I think I do actually have to learn how to cope with a high level of work better whilst still maintaining a good life balance.

So what's been happening since my last typically erratic post?

  • Cate and I had our engagement party, which was great, despite the fact that the iPod playlist I spent hours compiling didn't copy and that I was paranoid that room full of differing ages and personalities would generate conflicts.
  • Cate and I also had our first anniversary which is scary to think how quickly the year has flown by, we took a day trip up into the Grampians, a beautiful area of Victoria, on a guided day trip with a guide who must have been paid to be so Australian... I seem to have been locked out of my Flickr account, so in the meantime, take a look at the photos from that trip here.
    • I am now a true Australian male because I finally acquired my own stubby cooler, a curious invention that stops your hand warming a can or bottle of beer. I was given it at a Birthday Party (Not my own, and I was given it by the Birthday girl...) where I drunk a stupendous amount, a trend that continued for the rest of the weekend, especially on Sunday where I got spectacularly drunk... Monday was tough.

OK, so in the grand spirit of trying to maintain that work / life balance and as I find these posts fairly therapeutic, I will attempt to be more regular again!