There seem to be more events not running free catering, is this due to a lack of sponsors or a change to methodology? A thought to ponder on…

This was what Dave called an "unplugged event" that contained some home truths from teams and businesses, so with respect for Dave, I will leave them out. I like his rawness. What follows is basically a list of tips I collected throughout the presentation:

  • How to convince a business to go agile without implying it just means cheaper and faster. 
  • With many large product companies agile is something they're trying, not a way of life. It's hard on leaders and hard to sustain.
  • Identify who can say yes and no to requirements and who can make timely decisions that may be wrong. 
  • Respect remote teams, treat them as part of yours and get to know them.
  • Have specialists, but not people who think they are special and ruin a group dynamic. 
  • Technical ladders are needed to allow due progression of tech folks without losing them to management. 
  • Encourage staff to come to events and learn. 
  • Have a product culture. Continuous improvement instead of quickly out the door. 
  • Are they up for a true agile, continual integration culture,  it's not just putting teams in scrum. 
  • Put everything in the backlog to feed all other systems. 
  • Let product owners worry about big picture and everyone else worry about their areas. 
  • If there are no acceptance criteria, tear up the story card. How can you measure it? 
  • Envision your projects fully before commencing them.
  • Reduce the fear of developers giving estimates, but story points will scare people as not being formal enough. 
  • Try planning poker/wide  band Delphi. 
  • Try "Extreme design" 
  • Refactoring is nigh on impossible in larger projects,  it's basically rewriting. 
  • Dave doesn't like dependencies and frameworks. Object oriented programming Introduces complexity.
  • Feeds can be better and easier than apis. Learn about queries.
  • Scripting can help getting things done quicker. 
  • Simple loose coupling between components. 
  • It's ok to use and try different tools and languages. 
  • Think outside the box.

Phew, find out more about Dave Thomas here.