There's an odd and intriguing dynamic within Actor/Model, Karen on guitar and keyboards and Phil on drums seem to spend a vast proportion of the set staring at Ricky on guitar and vocals, giving the general impression that he's the only one who has any idea what's going on. The band have a foot firmly planted in early to mid 90's Indie but are unashamed to admit to it, hammering through a set of meandering guitar noises underpinned by awesome fat and fuzzy keyboard sounds.Bachelor of Arts are on fire tonight and have been steadily improving over the past few months transforming from an interesting three piece into a devastatingly tight unit that now seem to have really found their motivation and sound. Every member of the band seems to play just the right thing in the right place, wonderfully complementing each other and creating spectacular sparse works of musical art.

Die Die Die have come a long way in the past few years, in physical kilometres and in terms of their musical career and style. From playing fast, frantic fuzzy noise to Kiwi expats in the toilet circuit venues around the world to progressing several rungs up the venue ladder, playing well-structured and catchy tunes to appreciative crowds from all nations. The most fascinating thing about Die Die Die is their affect on the audience, the band have actually slowed down over the years unyet their fans retain an unnerving urge to bound around like mental idiots from the start of the set until the very final note, even in Revolver's stuffy and sleep inducing environs. The band have an undying indie approach and attitude, still placing microphones facing each other in a kind of semi-combatant / semi-comradely attitude, still jumping into the audience at any opportunity and still full of a down to Earth love of their music with no pretension, no superiority complex and no less love of what they do and who they do it for.

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