I’m a bit behind from blogging at the moment!

I’ve been seeing movies at the Berlin Fantasy Film Festival (I recommend Deathgasm for a laugh).

I’ve also been enjoying The Great British Bake-Off and The Americans. 

IMG_20150809_161320 We did some tourist stuff a couple of weeks ago, something we don’t do all that often, like the infamous Mauer park karaoke. Always funny!



We went to the German Resistance Memorial Centre and also the Topography of Terror. I recommend both for a visit-both are free and very interesting. We are looking forward to Lange Nacht der Museen this weekend. Although we won’t be there too late as we’re off to Prague on Sunday afternoon!



I also went swimming in Pankow, it’s a big lake but the free part was a bit muddy for my liking!

I’ve not been terribly busy with workshops the last couple of weeks but rather doing some (paid) writing work. I really enjoy teaching workshops but despite some of the ingredients being far more expensive than in Australia, classes run for a much lower fee here which makes it harder to make a profit. It’s the reality that everyone has to deal with when they decide to put on price on teaching their skills, how do I make them financially viable? This means factoring in the cost of ingredients, incidentals like power, water, etc and of course knowledge and time. If I teach a cheese making class for example, I have to buy ingredients, hand make cheeses and some of the other ingredients 1-2 weeks in advance before the class, determine which recipes will be taught, make and plan catering the day before the class, set up for the class, teach the class for 5 hours, pack up and clean up. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind doing any of this, it’s just a bit frustrating when people then say that a class is too expensive (at a third of the cost of what I would teach it in Australia).  I’ve spoken to lots of people here who’ve been struggling with the same issue, it seems to be more apparent in Berlin than Melbourne as the cost of living is of course, much lower. At the moment, unless I have a large class, I can earn more writing an article as a freelancer than teaching a class. I’ve got a few ideas, but it’s a gradual process to get things right!

 Things that have been capturing my interest: 


  • I would love one of these cat igloo’s for Miss Ginger. She spends most morning sleeping in my husband’s underpants drawer!
  • I love this renovation of a garage into a house! Just amazing!


  • How cool is this Roman holiday poster?
  • I’m fascinated by this underground garden in London. So innovative!

I hope things are going well, my lovely readers, do let me know what you have been up to, I love hearing people’s news!