It’s been a busy month here in Berlin. As I stated in my last post, I have been busy working on my second recipe ebook Soups, salads and sides. The good news is that it’s finished! It’s been very much a labour of love, especially as a lot of the photos were taken in winter which proved challenging in an old Eastern block apartment in Leipzig! Part of the proceeds of each book go to two of my favourite charities, Foundation 18 who work to educate young women in Indonesia to prevent them entering child prostitution and The Jane Goodall Institute who do wonderful primate conservation work. Both initiatives were started by amazing women to boot! Has anyone else written an ebook? I’d love to hear about it!

I’ve also been teaching cooking classes here in Berlin, Jams, pickles and preserves and also Vegan milks, cheese and yoghurts. I have really enjoyed them and had great feedback, if I had enough bookings, I would do the classes full time, they are great fun to teach and I am constantly learning also. Finding ingredients is challenging and interesting, I am currently waiting a visit to customs to get some of my ingredients that are stuck there, it will be a tedious and expensive visit.


I’ve also been doing a bit of an experiment of a Women’s High Tea hosted periodically on Sundays in my apartment. The idea is pretty simple, it’s an opportunity for women to come along, make some new friends and enjoy food and drink. Tickets are purchased before hand by donation. I made them deliberately by donation as I wanted to make them accessible to all. The first one was last week. I served:

  • Blueberry mojitos
  • Iced tea
  • Scones
  • Strawberry and rosewater jam
  • Pear and vanilla bean jam
  • Whipped vanilla cream
  • Humus and cucumber mini sandwiches
  • Smoked salmon and cream cheese mini sandwiches
  • Berry cheesecake
  • Chocolate truffles
  • Peach sorbet

All was vegan except the whipped cream and the smoked salmon sandwiches. Unfortunately the weather was very hot for Berlin! Only two of the five people than had booked showed up. Luckily i had made the tickets presales with a cancellation policy otherwise i would have been out of pocket and the events are not for profit anyway! This is considered very unusual for Berlin, I have met a number of women running pop up kitchens and they never do presales which is just crazy!

I have another two organised and I’ll see how they go as to whether they are viable events to continue. I am writing about this because many people don’t like talking about money and events and I have been running events for nearly 10 years so sometimes it’s worth putting the reality out there. I’d be interested to hear if other people have had similar experiences with running events or even just social occasions.

A few things i have been making:

Mushroom, white bean and ale open pies 


Chilli pesto pasta with broccoli and roast tomatoes 


Chocolate truffles

2961798611_d3aefde2a7_o (1)

I am sending this post to Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for her monthly In My Kitchen blog event.  Have a look to see what is happening in other bloggers’ kitchens. What’s been happening in your kitchen this month?