A busy few weeks have flown by. I’ve launched preserving classes in Berlin, we’re been busy getting the bits and pieces together to make an apartment a home ( like this couch)


And we’ve got a kitty! (Stay tuned for my post of getting a cat in Berlin).



We’ve also been exploring bits and pieces of Berlin which has been fantastic.

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I haven’t done one of my ‘food for thought’ posts for a while, apologies for the absence! Here’s some things that have been holding my interest.

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Love these big dramatic plants, since i have a home with high ceilings, I would love to have some! (Pic from here)

Articles I’ve been reading:

There’s a modern problem afflicting our friendships and it’s time to talk about it, Kate Hakala, .Mic

Why I wear the same thing to work everyday, Matilda Kahl, Harpaars Bazaar

This is what plus size clothes actually look like on plus size women, Kristin Chirico and Watson, Buzz Feed 

The healing powder of your own medical data, Steve Lohr,The New York Times

Marijuana legalisation clashes with drug testing in the workplace, Timothy Pratt, The Guardian 

4 signs it’s time to quit your creative business, Deanna, SewMCool

Things I’ve been watching:

An interesting short film about grief in the digital age.



I’ve been very much enjoying watching BBC2’s Back in Time for Dinner, a great show where a British family spend each week in a different decade from 1950-2000. I’d definitely recommend watching it if it’s available in your country! A sequel is even in discussion.

We also went to the cinema last week to see Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck. It was interesting, although it reminded me of a lot of people I knew in that time frame.



Love these coffee table ‘arm wraps’ for couches. Great idea for those living in small spaces!