<a  href="https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ta8EEdFrPzU/VMTZ8PKpYoI/AAAAAAAAKg8/YYNDJy0ftis/s1600/16176803047_3bd6c44bda_o.jpg"><img src="https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ta8EEdFrPzU/VMTZ8PKpYoI/AAAAAAAAKg8/YYNDJy0ftis/s1600/16176803047_3bd6c44bda_o.jpg" alt="" width="246" height="400" border="0" /></a>

<strong style="border-image-outset: initial; border-image-repeat: initial; border-image-slice: initial; border-image-source: initial; border-image-width: initial; border: 0px; font-stretch: inherit; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; line-height: inherit; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; vertical-align: baseline;"><br /> </strong>On friday night it was a bit cold here in Leipzig. It had been snowing a little during the day and the streets were quiet. It was a good night to stay at home and watching telly and drink something hot. But I&#8217;d be busy all week which included lots of cooking and recipe testing, so we decided to pop out to <a href="https://www.vleischerei.de/">Vleisicherei</a> for dinner. <br /> <i><br /> </i><i>Vlesicherei </i>is an old vegan fast food cafe with a generous selection of drinks (even cider) and a menu where fake meats are prominent. The name is a pun on Fleischerei which means butcher in English. Gyros, sausages, burgers, seitan steaks, fries and a choice of sauces including mayo, hommus and garlic sauce. I&#8217;d read reviews that the service was slow and surly but it must have been a good night as our food was fast and fresh and the staff member I spoke to was friendly. As well as the hot food, there&#8217;s also a small range of deli items to buy like vegan cheese and seitan sausages and homemade cakes. This is not everyday food unless you have an amazing metabolism and immune system but is delicious every now and again. 

We paid around 6,50€ ($9.20AUD) for heaving plates of food: fresh salad, tasty chips and our choice of sauces. I had garlic sauce and mayo, both of which were blissfully free of the nasty soy aftertaste of a lot of sauces I have tried. I’m not sure if the gyros meat I had comes from Vöner in Berlin originally or a company that makes mock meat products, but it was delicious if a little too salty. I can’t eat a lot of seitan products, but now and again they really hit the spot. 



Chris had salad, chips and Thuringer sausages with hommus and plenty of salad. He declared them excellent. 




The cafe is small with big steps at it’s entrance and a strange layout which fails to make adequate use of the space. There’s also stairs to the counter where you choose food and order. Square tables would work better than round and would mean more people could sit. We were happy to share a table with others but it’s a place that seats about 15 max.

My pictures aren’t great as it was so dark and gloomy with the weather, but you can see more pictures on Happy Cow

Zschochersche Street 23
04229 Leipzig