I wrote a post the other day about the products of Australia that I really miss. I decided in turn, that it was only fair to do a comparative article about the good things specific to Deutschland:

German bakeries.



They are plentiful, smell amazing, cheap and have the most delectable cakes and pastries. The bread is great also.

Cheap booze.

So cheap compared to Australia! I’d also add the liberal drinking culture where if you want to drink a bottle of wine in public that you’ve bought with you from Netto, no problem.


Quark is a bit like cream cheese and is often sweetened and can be bought in big tubs or in pastries. So good.

1.5 litre bottles of mineral water

Good idea.

Central heating

Yes it is warmer most of the time in Australia for longer periods and higher temperatures but the houses are poorly insulated. I’ve met hardy souls from London who have been reduced to tears from working at home in the Melbourne winter. Being able to sit inside in winter without two jumpers, two pairs of socks, a beanie and fingerless gloves is bliss.


Great public transport

It’s more expensive than Melbourne (which is a surprise considering almost everything is half the cost of Melbourne prices) but it is reliable, plentiful and goes late. I can’t afford to use it that often but i like that it’s there.

Safe places to bike ride (not a product but a sentiment I guess)

When I learnt to ride a bike again as an adult back in Melbourne, I was advised, “ride like that car drivers are trying to kill you”. Helmets are compulsory in Australia. Fear and the hills (and I’m lazy) meant that I didn’t ride a bike very often. Here I ride a bike most days, usually in a bike lane, without a helmet.

In some respects, I can’t wait to go back to Melbourne to see if things change but i would be sad to leave here.