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Change“, David Leibovitz.  I love this article as it discusses the same problem we have here in Germany, everyone wants change and it’s really hard to get big notes split!

Kids left in hot cars: why technology and (your) creativity are needed to prevent the unthinkable“, Dan Lacivita, Fast Company

  Cate Bolt is a mother of nine, humanitarian, social activist and is awesome. She also has a wicked sense of humour as her <a href="">craft </a>attests:

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  &#8220;<a href="">What an ALS family really thinks of the icebucket challenge</a>&#8220;, Bo Stern, The Difference of a Day

  &#8220;<a href="">Drunk online shopping regrets: clarinets, elephants and flatpacks</a>&#8220;, The Guardian. Good to know I&#8217;m not the only one!

  I don&#8217;t listen to music nearly as much as I used to. I was talking to someone last night about Australian music so I decided to make a quick playlist. It&#8217;s not exhaustive or in any particular order, a lot of the stuff i wanted to add wasn&#8217;t on Spotify. I hope you enjoy listening to it, what would you add?