This book reminds me of me, working on my novel (slowly)

Can bloggers live off rainbows and hugs?, Holly Becker, Decor8

Is Freelancing a Lonely Business, Liz Parry, The Guardian

David Lynch now has a line of women’s sportswear. Weird.

You can see some of my favourite places to eat in Melbourne here. Sadly Camy Shanghai Dumpling Noodle Restaurant is not mentioned!

Silo by Joost replaced by Brothl, looks really interesting! I’m not big on meat based dishes but I think it’s a clever way to address food waste. You can see the menu here.

I’ve always been blown away by the work of Ron Muek. How can you not be? I was lucky to see some in Melbourne a few years ago. This is not a new article but rather new to me.

Very pleased to see another interview with my friend Kate. I look forward to owning her book someday!

This website made me giggle. And did you know there’s a big Goth Festival in Leipzig every year? There’s quite a few gothic clothing shops and clubs so this make me lol.