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This is a collection of my personal thoughts, reviews and rambling dating back many years.

  • Launch of Startup Victoria

    There was a panel discussion at tonight's launch but it was really all about launching Victoria's peak body for startups, entrepreneurs and founders tonight and the packed room was very much in drinking and talking mode.

  • The mobile platforms to watch in 2014

    With an average global combined market share of 85-95%, iOS and Android are by far the dominant players in the mobile operating system space. So why bother looking into or developing on any other platforms?

  • Yes, I'm leaving Australia

    It's official, after 7 years in Melbourne I'm leaving.

  • Startup Health Tech - April 2014

    I have dabbled with a little bit of work in the tech/health scene and always knew that Melbourne generally had a large and healthy medical ‘industry’, but I had no idea that the Startup space was so large! Tonight’s event was held at the brand new Royal Children’s Hospital, which was very shiny, new and welcoming. The crowd was a good mix of clinicians, technical folk and business folk and there were quite a few speakers, so I’ll get on with telling you about them all in my usual very brief manner.

  • Evolve SMS

    Evolve SMS

    One of the peculiar aspects of Android is that theoretically, everything is replaceable. This includes phone features, which initially seems odd, the fact that you can replace your phone dialler with something else.

  • Dash - documentation browser for Mac

    Dash - documentation browser for Mac

    Every now and then along comes a piece of software that just does pretty much everything right, one of these is Dash.

  • Melbourne KMLF Feb 2014

    I’ve been attending the Knowledge Management Melbourne sessions without still being entirely clear what a Knowledge manager actually is, but I find the topics they present interesting and relevant, so…

  • eLance big idea Melbourne

    This was a strange event for a couple of reasons, firstly it didn't run very smoothly with lots of minor technical issues and delays that made the event run very long and late, with the main event not really starting until 8pm after a 6:30 start. Secondly the pitches (I saw, see later) were generally a little unsure and not in the traditional pitch style, I spent a lot of time thinking 'and...?', it was never very clear why the pitchers were pitching, what did they want to win for, what did they need the money for? A lot of the pitches had references to 'how awesome' eLance was, feeling more like a pitch for eLance than their own products some of the time.

  • Meet the data owners: VicRoads

    I've been learning to drive (again) recently, with an aim to finally actually take my driving test, I'm also a keen (legal) cyclist… None of this has any real bearing on me deciding to attend tonight's event, that was more to do with my fascination in knowing about and understanding the various data sets that are available from our government agencies. 

  • OSDC Towel

    OSDC Towel

    I love this towel, but being white it gets dirty very quickly, so not really sure what to do with it...

  • KendoUI T-Shirt

    KendoUI T-Shirt

    Pretty cool logo :)

  • Joomla! Day Polo shirt

    Joomla! Day Polo shirt

    Joomla! Day Melbourne 2013 polo shirt, very nice but a little large for me.

  • What people want from websites

    What people want from websites

    I've been sitting on the post for a while, a series of (comical) screen shots on what different people want from a website during it's design process. You may recognise some...

  • Lean Startup Melbourne - Future Trends and Innovation in Melbourne Startups

    November has been a great month for meet-ups, perhaps everyone wrapping up for the year is making organisers up the ante.

  • Drupal Melbourne Meetup Nov 2013

    Drupal Melbourne Meetup Nov 2013

    A great session tonight with two case studies from local Drupal shops...

  • BitCoin Melbourne meetup Sep 2013

    There was a slightly strange feeling to this meet up, in some ways it felt a little insular (I guess those who are actively involved with BitCoin are a small and intriguing community), but it could also just be because it was for once a crowd of folks I didn't recognise. There was an underlying feeling of "Everything old is bad" and "Everything new is good", which isn't always completely true or as black and white as that. I find Bitcoin interesting technically and as a concept, if you think about the history of money, then bitcoin is no different really, it's an agreement to trust that a concept has a mutual value between people. The money we use everyday is no different from BitCoin really, it's just decentralised. This could be an entire post in itself, so take a read of Wikipedia's History of Money article. Back to tonight, which contained several interesting discussions:

    • BitCoin Point of sale units - These are emerging in a couple of places, such as pubs in the UK, but also soon to arrive here thanks to Mikey Nelson.
    • How useful BitCoin could be for foreign travel and exchange
    • A Bitcoin association is being founded in Australia
    • The BitCoin ATM, a Lamasu
    • If you want BitCoins to be accepted in certain stores, then ask for it, if more ask, the more chance it will happen.
    • Apparently Elsternwick high st may be attempting a street wide acceptance of BitCoin.
     Interested in knowing more, then join the Melbourne BitCoin meet up - 

  • Mobile Mondays Melbourne Sept 2013

    Mobile Mondays Melbourne has been running for 8 years, which in the tech event space makes it something of an elderly character and with the plethora of new events happening around town all the time, I have had the increasing feeling that some of these older events are wondering how to keep themselves relevant.

  • Drupal Melbourne meetup, Sep 2013

    Drupal 8 won't kill your kittens - Lee Rowland
    There have been a lot of discussions around changes in the Drupal core team and that many old names are leaving for a variety of reasons, however there have been many new people coming on board and any community should be able to move on from it's originators. I'm currently going through the same process myself right now with Green Renters and it can be a difficult but worthwhile process. This was a  great oversight of what is new in D8, watch presentation
    Remember Lee's final words… "We will accept any help"
    See the presentation here

  • Agile YOW! Night Melbourne - Dave Thomas - Sept 2013

    There seem to be more events not running free catering, is this due to a lack of sponsors or a change to methodology? A thought to ponder on…

  • What do you know Sep 2013

    The Web Directions - What do you know events are always a fun night and tonight was no exception with many running 'jokes' about some of the appalling policy decisions just announced by the coalition that will affect our industry, one which has been a boom area for Australia, but largely unrecognised on the larger national scale. Anyway, enough of Politics, what were the talks? Bear in mind there were 10, so this will be very brief...

  • NetSquared meetup Aug 2013

    One of the things that frustrates me the most in the non profit sector is the lack of collaboration between organisations and the duplication that often occurs instead.

  • Drupal for Education and elearning, book review

    Drupal for Education and elearning by James G Robertson and Bill Fitzgerald

  • TedxUniMelb 28th Aug 2013

    TedxUniMelb 28th Aug 2013

    The tedx model is a slightly strange one, fraught with as many positives as negatives for organisers, however it does create a fascinating ecosystem around the world. Tonight had a packed room, but was unfortunately fraught with technical issues and joins several other local tedx events around Melbourne.

  • Security and design thinking

    Tuesday was a productive day capped by two intriguing events. A stupendously early breakfast session with Granite consulting at their networking breakfasts, with Dan Weis of Kiandra IT covering 'Security and Real World Threats' and the UX Melbourne movie night covering 'Lean UX' with Jeff Gothelf.

  • DrupalGov and Canberra 2013

    An event that can be as specific as an event for the use of Drupal within government demonstrates a growing interest in Drupal (and maybe openness generally) within government and its great that such an event can attract nearly 150 people.