I am currently open to opportunities for full-time and part-time work. Ideally with an enterprising startup or with a larger agency or internal development team.

I am keen to build my general programming skills in some of the new languages I have been learning recently. My years of experience organising user groups, training days and managing small developer teams also makes me suitable for Developer Evangelist or Documentation roles.

Why Me?

Whilst I have been a programmer for many years, I consider myself a generalist. For a while I worried that this was a negative, but I think it is time I acknowledged it and embraced it, finding an opportunity that welcomes my broad skills and experiences.

Here are some of my achievements: - I have been a guitarist in a band that had 4 top 40 UK singles and toured the World. Songs I helped write were named as some of the best songs of the 00s by several respected publications. - I have lived in three countries and in each one sought to become an active member of the community. - I started a charity that worked with a niche audience and was the first to do so. We received several awards and widespread media recognition. - I started and ran several technical meet-up groups in Melbourne and increased their membership and profile whilst involved with them. - I am currently working on three personal projects, all of which embrace new ideas and techniques in novel ways.

I enjoy work and feel like I contribute a lot to any place or project I am involved with. I work well in teams as a member or leader and am not reluctant to contribute ideas and opinions.

What am I looking for?

Developer roles

Much of my experience has been in PHP, but as a programmer of over ten years who has at the least had exposure to other languages, I feel that I can make a go of any language thrown at me. Any gaps in my knowledge I am happy to learn and my years of practical application mean that I at least know the best way to achieve something. Needing only to ascertain how that is most effectively accomplished in a language or platform.

Developer Evangelist

I am a technical guy, but I know how to talk to people and have plenty of experience with talking tech. Be this with developers, designers, business and marketing folk or acting as a liaison between them all. In fact this is something I love to do. One of the driving forces present in most of my working life has been figuring out ways to best explain complex topics to everyone at a level they will appreciate. One of my most memorable experiences was teaching basic computing to retirees and recent migrants. Seeing how 'real' beginners actually get to grips with a computer and how intimidated they can feel was a paradigm shift in my thinking. I'm not a sales person, but if you have a product or service that I believe in, I have a proven record in making people want to try it to.

Technical Documentation

This is similar to the role above in some ways, but in a more concentrated form. My experience and ability to explain technical terms at a level required, plus my experience with writing, editing and training would make me well suited to technical documentation.

Something Else

I am always up for (and relish) a challenge. Have you got a role that you think might suit me, then please let me know and I will be happy to discuss.