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My guiding principles are to make technology understandable and accessible to all who wish to use and utilise it.

I create and support design, development and the creation of systems and processes that are appropriate for their purpose. I have particular experience in the community, nonprofit and social enterprise sector(s) and my skill set focuses on CMS, CRM, user experience and business analysis.

I am an open source advocate and supporter and attempt to contribute back to the projects that support my work with community and code development as well as financially.

Aside from technology I love to learn and spread ideas from many diverse topics including the environment, history, philosophy, music, reading, writing, games and much more.


Why on earth do you call yourself 'Chris Chinchilla'?
Hmm, yes it does sound rather silly doesn't it! It's a nickname I've had for over 12 years after a passing comment at school, I've carried it through all my fanzine and music years and quite like it. For those who are interested, a Chinchilla is a small (and very cute) South American rodent (And also a small town in Queensland, Australia) and is a real name in South America.
For those who are really interested, my real name is Chris Ward… Very dull.